Kajuns Pub

Internationally Acclaimed

ajuns Pub is an eclectic mix of people with one purpose, HAVE FUN!  The premier karaoke bar of New Orleans!  We never close!!!

Kajuns Pub is one of the most technologically advanced bars in the country! 


We have karaoke 7 nights a week!  All of our 50k+ songs are stored available to search and sign up on our touchscreen or from your smartphone or laptop!

Our jukebox is directly connected to the internet 24/7/365, we ALWAYS have your favorite songs right at your fingertips!  You can also play the jukebox directly from your smartphone! www.mytouchtunes.com

Our WiFi is among the fastest in town.  And, of course, it's always free for our customers!

Finally our state of the art payment systems mean you never have to leave your credit card with us!